Tyreek Hill Will Attend Offseason Workouts For The Chiefs While Under Investigation

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Tyreek Hill will be present at offseason workouts for the Chiefs starting Monday.

Hill is currently under investigation for alleged child abuse incidents that took place at his home in March. It’s unclear what role he played in the alleged abuse of a minor in two separate incidents.

According to ProFootballTalk, Hill is still attending the offseason programs, which begin Monday.


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The Chiefs are in a tough situation here. Hill hasn’t been charged, nor convicted, with anything.

Yet, there is a history of allegations of abuse in Hill’s past. I’m not sure that’s the guy you want running routes during workout programs for your team in the offseason. (RELATED: Police Investigating The Fan Who Allegedly Threw A Beer At Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill)

It’d be one thing if the investigations were wrapped up and over with, and Hill had been cleared. That’s not what has happened. We have no idea what is going on or what has been discovered.


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It might not be the worst idea in the world to tell Hill to sit these workouts out until more is known. That’s not to say he’s guilty of anything.

However, the fact we’re even talking about this shows that it’s a distraction. The last thing on the planet any team wants to deal with is an unnecessary distraction.

The Chiefs need to play this situation carefully, and I’m not sure there’s any easy answer. What an incredible headache to be dealing with in April.