Alex Ovechkin Knocks Out Andrei Svechnikov

Ovechkin fight (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin dropped his gloves Monday night against the Hurricanes, and it resulted in Andrei Svechnikov getting knocked out.

The young Russian for Carolina wouldn’t stop jawing and throwing slight jabs at the Stanley Cup champion in front of the net. That turned out to be a gigantic mistake because Ovi absolutely obliterated him once the gloves were dropped. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Women On Instagram)

Svechnikov was knocked out within seconds of the altercation beginning. To his credit, it looked like he got in a couple nice shots, but I’m not sure Ovechkin even flinched.

Watch the awesome video below.

That’s why I love the NHL. In any other sport, you can jaw all you want and nothing is going to happen.

In the NHL, you better be willing to back up every single word and action with a few punches. There is instant justice in the sport, and it’s what separates it from everything else. (RELATED: The NHL Might Make A Major Rule Change About The Stanley Cup, And It’s Absolutely Tragic)

Players sometimes get a little too bold and forget their place. The only way to remind them is to give them an epic beatdown, which is exactly what happened above.


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The only surprising part here is that Ovi got into a fight with a fellow Russian, especially a young one.

He’s viewed as a hero back in his home country, and I’m a bit surprised one of his fellow countrymen decided to square up with him.


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I hope Svechnikov is okay because he got knocked out in epic fashion, and I imagine most of the sports fans in the country will have seen it by noon today.

Pretty hard to shake that embarrassing kind of look. My guess is that he’s learned his lesson about poking the bear.

You can catch game four of the playoff series Thursday night.