Kangaroo Chases Terrified Models Around Millionaire’s Backyard

(Credit: Shutterstock TamaraLSanchez)

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A Kangaroo chased a group of terrified models around during a bikini-clad photo shoot this weekend.

The models were posing for a photo shoot at Australian millionaire Travers Beynon’s Candy Shop Mansion when a kangaroo reportedly went a little crazy, according to a report published Tuesday by the New York Post.

The notorious playboy shared the video to his Instagram page and captioned it, “Kangaroo attack at the Candy Shop Mansion photo shoot.”

The models can be seen sprinting across the backyard while one struggles to lift herself up into the pool. The camera angle cuts and you can see the girls grappling with the gate. (RELATED: Former Playboy Playmate Cashing In On Alex Rodriguez Sexting Rumor)

Benyon is the Australian version of Hugh Hefner and his Instagram account is known for posting controversial images.

This video is hilarious. These models barely have any clothes on and they’re running from this kangaroo like it’s actually about to kill them. They’re so panicked that they can’t even get the gate open to get themselves to safety.

I can’t blame them from running though. Kangaroos are weirdly huge animals in real life. Cartoon kangaroos seem cute, but if I was chased by an actual kangaroo, I’m sure there’d be video footage of me that looks exactly like this.