Kevin Costner Discusses Why He Joined ‘Yellowstone,’ Says The Land Is Like The ‘Garden Of Eden’

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

One of the biggest draws for Kevin Costner to Paramount’s “Yellowstone” series is apparently the majestic landscape.

The star actor plays John Dutton on the show, who is responsible for overseeing his massive ranch as the walls of the outside world start closing in. It’s one of the coolest plot ideas in the history of television, and now he’s opened up about what drew him to the show. (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone’ Season 2 Will Premiere June 19, 2019, On The Paramount Network)

Costner said the following earlier in April when discussing why he joined the hit Paramount Network show, according to Deadline:

The idea of seeing wide open spaces, when the land was almost like the Garden of Eden. I think that we see a lot on TV and really great TV. To know that places like this still exist in our country, adding drama against its backdrop, and actually understand in the realest terms that the meat that arrives on our table is still coming from somewhere. It’s coming from people that are getting up early in the morning and work really late.

The landscape in the show truly is pretty much a character of its own. There are too many incredible shots of the mountains and the entire area, which is something Taylor Sheridan appears to like to do in his projects. (RELATED: Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Scene Of John Dutton Saying We ‘Don’t Share’ Land In America)

There’s no question at all that is might be the most visually pleasing show in several years. Other than “Game of Thrones,” I’m not sure I can think of one that compares.

Plus, John Dutton even delivered one of the greatest lines ever when discussing not sharing land here in America:

Fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the start of season two, which gets here June 19. It seems like the entire world is against the Dutton family.

They’re probably the last people on this planet you want to mess with, but people just keep on trying.


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Sound off in the comments with your predictions for Season 2. I think it’s going to be absolute chaos, and I can’t wait for it to all unfold.

Bring on the blood and violence. It’s going to be biblical.