NBA Players Reportedly Don’t Want To Join The Lakers If The Team Hires People Close To LeBron James

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NBA players apparently don’t want anything to do with the Lakers if they hire guys with ties to LeBron James.

The Lakers are searching for a new president of basketball operations after Magic Johnson quit, and the organization also needs a new head coach. Lebron’s former coach with the Cavaliers, Tyronn Lue, is believed to be the “strong frontrunner” to become the head coach. If that happens, the Lakers might struggle to sign free agents. (RELATED: LeBron James Appears To Bounce Ball Into TV Broadcast On Purpose)

Zach Lowe said the following during a recent episode of “The Woj & Lowe Show,” according to BroBible:

Who they hire in the front office is going to be absolutely crucial to replace Magic because there are two orbits here: There’s a Lakers orbit … and then, the more interesting one is, there’s a LeBron orbit. And I’ve had some powerful people in the league, including a powerful agent who represents lots of key players, tell me, ‘We don’t want the person to be from either of those orbits. We don’t want the new GM, or president, or whatever, even to have some sort of connection to LeBron. We need it to be a fresh start. My players don’t want to have the impression that LeBron is running the team.’

The Lakers absolutely can’t give complete control of the team over to LeBron. It’ll be a disaster of epic proportions, and it sounds like players around the league feel the same way.

I can’t blame them for not wanting to go to Los Angeles if the idea is that the three-time NBA champion is calling all the shots. That sounds like a situation that isn’t fun at all to be a part of.


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It’s truly incredible what a dumpster fire the Lakers have been since signing LeBron. This past season was an utter disaster. Everything that could have gone wrong went horribly wrong.

It makes you wonder if the organization regrets bringing King James into the fold. At the very least, you have to think they considered what they’d do differently. (RELATED: Magic Johnson Steps Down As The President Of Basketball Operations For The Lakers)

LeBron James to the Lakers was supposed to be a smashing success. Clearly, the exact opposite happened.


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I have no idea what is on the horizon for the Lakers, but they need to get this sinking ship fixed before it’s too late.

Either way, it will likely continue to be comedy gold.