Jaguars Won’t Punish Leonard Fournette For Arrest Over Unpaid Speeding Ticket

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Jacksonville Jaguars don’t plan on punishing running back Leonard Fournette over a recent arrest.

Fournette was arrested over an unpaid speeding ticket from back in November, which he has since paid, but there won’t be any action taken from the team.

According to ProFootballTalk Tuesday, head coach Doug Marrone told the media the team won’t do anything about Fournette’s arrest. Marrone even let people know that he had a similar arrest when he was coaching at Georgia Tech. (RELATED: Leonard Fournette Arrested For Allegedly Not Paying A Speeding Ticket)


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I know that I rag on the NFL on a pretty regular basis (while also still being a huge fan), but this is actually a great move from the Jaguars.

It was an unpaid speeding ticket. Who the hell really cares? Seriously, what a damn joke. It’d be embarrassing for the team if they did punish Fournette over this arrest.

Besides, his teammates are never going to let him live this one down. They’re going to rag on him hard in the locker room.

Trust me, you don’t gain street credibility by being arrested over unpaid traffic tickets.


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Now, we just need to wait and see if the former LSU star can bounce back from the atrocious season he had in 2018.

It was bad, and he can’t have too many more of those if he wants to stick around in the NFL much longer. He’s getting paid to score. He’s not getting paid to not perform.

At the very least, he’ll get some laughs between reps because we all know his teammates are gonna constantly be bringing this up.