Amazon’s Choice For Ninja Blenders Now Discounted By 40%

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Next up in the category of products you didn’t know you needed is the Ninja Smart Screen Blender with Total Crushing Pitcher. I thought all blenders were the same. I also replaced my $30 blender every year. I make homemade Irish Cream for gifts at Christmas and I frequently put mine through the paces. Anyway, I bought new blenders regularly for years until my husband talked me into purchasing a Ninja. I thought he was crazy. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to spend over a hundred dollars on a blender. He loves buying new gadgets and appliances. I tend to be more skeptical. Needless to say, he talked me into it. We have owned our Ninja for six years now and it is still going strong. I am a believer. I seriously cannot say enough about this product. It’s amazing! In addition to cranking out 25-30 bottles of Irish Cream during the holidays, we use it to make smoothies, milk shakes, sauces, ice cream, and my personal favorite – frozen margaritas!
This version is Amazon’s Choice. It has 1000 watts of crushing power, with a strong motor and sharp blades. Frozen fruit, vegetables, and lots of ice don’t cause the machine to malfunction. Plus, the touchscreen has 4 timed, pre-set patterns for pulsing, pulverizing, and pausing. Want it fast? One push of the button and everything is done in seconds.The Auto-IQ technology helps you customize textures for individual recipes and the screen wipes clean. It also lasts much longer than comparable screens. How many people are you serving? The pitcher holds an impressive 72 ounces. This appliance is definitely worth the price.
Based on my research, it looks like Amazon has many of its Ninja products on sale for a limited time. Certainly, I would advise checking them all out to see what best fits your needs. In my opinion, however, the best deal is on the Ninja Smart Screen Blender with Total Crushing Pitcher. This is very similar to the version we own. It lists for $129.99, but Amazon is offering it now for a remarkable 40% off. You can purchase this today for only $78.25, with free shipping. Ninja offers the gold standard in blender and smoothie makers. It is incredible that this 5 star product is being offered for more than $50 off the retail price. Take my advice: you do not want to let this deal pass you by. It won’t be around for long. Order your Ninja now and think of all the frozen beverage you will make this summer. Need a gift? Mother’s day is only a few weeks away. It also makes an excellent wedding or shower gift! The receivers will thank you for years to come.
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