CNN Contributor Hopes ‘Nobody Missed Leg Day,’ Because ‘Goalposts Are Going To Be Very Heavy’

Mary Katharine Ham on CNN 4/18

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN contributor Mary Katharine Ham jokingly hoped that Democrats went to the gym to strengthen their legs because they are moving the “goalposts” for how President Donald Trump should be judged following the Thursday release of the Mueller report.


“I hope nobody missed leg day because carrying these goalposts are going to be very heavy if you want to do it for the next 18 months. Because the idea coalescing that the idea of collusion, which everyone, we all know, used for two years as a shorthand for a conspiracy and a large criminal sense,” Ham began. “The idea that we did not use that for that and that that conclusion does not matter and that, therefore, it’s like somehow improper to point out there was no collusion as we meant it for the last two years, I think is an operation in gaslighting. There was no collusion. It is good news.”

“It’s great news he wasn’t a foreign asset and that he’s the duly-elected president. That being said, when you move on to the obstruction stuff, Trump once again, and I’m on record for saying that all of the things that are revealed in here are bad judgment and often lies,” she added. “But the bar was set at this level. And it wasn’t set by the president. There were plenty of other people, the entire media included, that set it there on the obstruction of justice stuff. Again, I am very thankful to those who stopped him from doing things that I think would have completely torpedoed his presidency.” (RELATED: Mueller Finds No Collusion)

As Ham pointed out, many refocused their anger from potential conspiracy to obstruction of justice.

The Mueller report revealed that the Trump campaign did not conspire with the Russian government to win the 2016 presidential election. The special counsel’s office left the decision as to whether or not the president obstructed justice up to Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and they reviewed the 10 incidents and opted the president did not.

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