Florida Great-Grandmother Fights Off 300-Pound, Half-Naked Burglar With Baseball Bat

(Fox 35 News)

Matt M. Miller Contributor
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A Florida great-grandmother used a baseball bat to fend off a 300-pound man who was attempting to break into her car Sunday, according to police.

Clarese Gainey, 65, said that she heard a banging noise coming from outside of her home in Gainesville, Florida.

“He was like this, banging on the door, like this,” Gainey explained.

When she went to inquire about the noise, she encountered Antonio Mosley, 37, trying to break into her green car wearing only his underwear. Mosley reportedly began to charge at Gainey, but was subdued when she struck him in the head with a baseball bat, according to Fox35.

“I mean I popped him! I said ‘Biya!’ he said, ‘Auuugh! You hit me!’”, Gainey recounted.

Mosley fled the scene to a nearby trailer park, still only wearing boxer shorts, reports say.

“He had nothing but his drawers on! No shoes, no shirt or nothing!” Gainey said.

“I put a good one on him! But he’s in jail, I ain’t gotta worry about him no more. I bet you won’t mess with that green goblin there, no more!” Gainey told the network. (RELATED: Man Who Allegedly Used Samurai Sword To Behead His Girlfriend Found Dead In A River)

Mosley was arrested and charged with burglary and drug possession, according to Fox35. He is presently being held in Alachua County Jail on a $20,000 bond.