Missouri Denies Report That Bobby Petrino Is On The Coaching Staff

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Missouri has made it clear that Bobby Petrino isn’t a coach for the Tigers.

Former Arkansas Razorbacks, where Petrino used to coach, quarterback Tyler Wilson said Petrino was “the new QB coach” during an Arkansas ESPN radio interview, according to CollegeFootballTalk Thursday. The tweet making the rounds has since been deleted.

According to Dave Matter, the university said it’s “not true” that Petrino is on staff, but he had been in Columbia watching a few practices.

This is why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. I saw that tweet and my head started spinning. Petrino back in college football? I was ready to start celebrating.

He might have been shown the exit door at Louisville this past season, but Petrino is a guy we want coaching. His going back to a staff in the SEC would have been awesome. (RELATED: Georgia Loses To Alabama After One Of The Dumbest Play Calls In Football History)

I instantly believed he was on the staff at Missouri.


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Then reality set in, and the truth came out. Observing practices and being the new QB coach are two totally different things.

In fact, they’re not even close to being the same thing. There are plenty of people who observe practices. I “observed” some practices during my time in college. That hardly meant somebody was about to hand me a clipboard so that I could start calling plays.


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I’m sure Petrino will be back in college football sooner than later. I apologize to everybody out there like myself who got their hopes up that the former Razorbacks coach was back on the sidelines.