REPORT: Tyronn Lue Will Meet With The Lakers Friday Over Head Coaching Position

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Los Angeles Lakers are preparing to meet with Tyronn Lue over the organization’s head coaching vacancy.

According to Brad Turner, Lue, who won a championship with LeBron James in Cleveland, will meet with the Lakers Friday. (RELATED: LeBron James Appears To Bounce Ball Into TV Broadcast On Purpose)

This has all the signs necessary to make me think this is going to be a disaster. The Lakers need a strongman. The team needs a dictator who can get everybody in line.

What makes anybody believe Lue is that man? If the Lakers hire the former Cavaliers coach, they’re signaling to the entire league it’s LeBron’s show and the three-time NBA champion is calling the shots.

Is that really the message Los Angeles wants to be projecting after the awful season the team just had? I really don’t think so.


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It’s truly incredible just how far the Lakers have fallen. They were, once upon a time, arguably the most storied and respected franchise in the league.

Now, it’s a circus. They’ve turned into a comedy act, but I don’t see anybody really laughing. I highly doubt things are going to improve much if they just hand the keys over to LeBron. Of all the bad ideas I’ve heard in a long time, that’s right up there with the worst of it all.


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Hiring Lue could work out just fine, but it could also go down in flames. If the latter happens, I’m here for every single second of it.