This $29 Book Summary Service Is Perfect For Busy Executives

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If you want to succeed in business, you need to be constantly learning. But fitting in reading at the end of a long day is tough. The Standard Plan: 1-Yr Subscription summarizes the most important business books into 12-minute summaries everyone has time for. The subscription has been reduced by over 80% in the Daily Caller shop today.

No time for reading? This app has you covered

No time for reading? This app has you covered

The Readitforme. Standard Plan is on sale for 87 percent off in the Daily Caller Shop 

The Standard Plan: 1-Yr Subscription gives you access to over 300 summaries of bestsellers, classics, and books that will help you solve management problems. Top books include Steve Jobs, Made to Stick, Rework, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh said: “Pursuing growth and learning is one of our core values, and lets us do that in a fun and engaging way.”

Buying these books individually costs hundreds of dollars, while Standard Plan: 1-Yr Subscription is only $29. You will also save time, an invaluable resource.

Stay on top of the latest business trends with the Standard Plan: 1-Yr Subscription. The service is on sale for 87% off at $29 in the Daily Caller shop today.

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