Take Your Valuables Anywhere With This Safe For Under $40

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When you’re traveling, you can never take too many safety precautions. Keep your valuables in the SAFEGO Portable Safe instead of your pockets or bag to prevent theft and damage. Save 20% on the safe in the Daily Caller shop today.

The price has been reduced from $44.95 to $34.95 right now. 

The price has been reduced from $44.95 to $34.95 right now.

Take 22 percent off the SafeGo Portable Safe for a limited time in the Daily Caller Shop 

Essentials like your cell phone, cash, credit cards, jewelry, and more easily fit in the water and impact resistant ABS plastic device. Lock the safe by setting a combination or using the included key. Attach the heavy-duty steel cable to a chair, bench, fence, bike, or any fixed object. The SAFEGO Portable Safe is perfect for vacations on a beach, water park, or campground. You can also use the portable device every day in your office, dorm, or apartment. The price has been reduced from $44.95 to $34.95 right now.

You can even keep listening to music if your electronic device is in the SAFEGO Portable Safe through the unique earplug opening.

Keep your valuables safe wherever you go with the SAFEGO Portable Safe. The safe is on sale for 22% off at $34.95 in the Daily Caller shop today.

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