Former CIA Deputy Director David S. Cohen Appears In ‘Game Of Thrones’

Game of Thrones (Helen Sloan/HBO)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Former CIA deputy director David S. Cohen appeared in “Game of Thrones” Sunday night in the second episode of the final season.

The CIA’s official Twitter account tweeted out a photo of Cohen in Winterfell with a bowl of food and captioned it, “A perk of working for CIA is world travel. Apparently that sometimes extends to other realms … ‘Little birds,’ be on the lookout for a former deputy director of ours wandering through #Westeros in tonight’s episode of #GameOfThrones.” (RELATED: These Are The Sexiest Photos Of ‘Game Of Thrones‘ Star Emilia Clarke On The Internet)

Cohen tweeted out later that his cover had been blown.

I have no idea how Cohen got hooked up with “GoT,” but these cameos are awesome. Rob McElhenney appeared in the season eight premiere, and now a man who has actually been involved in Westeros level drama has made an appearance. (RELATED: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 2 ‘A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms’ Is Outstanding)

If you don’t think that’s awesome, then you don’t have any joy in your life. “Game of Thrones” is all about politics, military action, covert operations and much more. Last time I checked, that’s pretty much the entire purpose of the CIA.

I would give just about anything to be in a “Game of Thrones” episode, even if it’s just getting some food like Cohen did. I have no idea how these cameos get set up, but being in “GoT” is honestly cooler than being in the CIA.

I say that as somebody who is very pro-CIA, but “Game of Thrones” is just on a whole different level. That’s just a fact.

Finally, the top reply to the CIA’s tweet is laugh-out-loud funny. I literally busted out laughing when I read it last night.