Klobuchar Dodges Question On Impeachment

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar dodged a question on whether or not President Donald Trump should face impeachment charges following the release of the Mueller report, during a Monday night town hall on CNN.


“Should the House Judiciary Committee move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump?” asked John Our, a Harvard student in the audience.

“When you look through that report it is appalling some of the things that were going on. And you can see time and time again, maybe you’ve read parts of it, that was his advisers that held him back,” Klobuchar answered. “So I believe first of all we need to have hearings in both the House and the Senate and not just with Attorney General Barr. We need to bring Director Mueller before the United States Senate, right? Because otherwise we are never going to get to the bottom of it. The impeachment proceedings are up to the House.”

“They’re going to have to make that decision. I am in the Senate, and I believe that we are the jury. I’ve always believed this from the beginning to the end. I’m a former prosecutor. I believe you look at the evidence to make decisions. So if the House brings the impeachment proceedings before us, we will deal with them,” she continued. (RELATED: Trump Wanted An Attorney General He Could Tell ‘Who To Investigate’)

She was pushed by Chris Cuomo for a more direct answer, the town hall’s moderator, and followed up, “Any — first of all, I believe I’m the jury here, so I’m not going to predispose things. I’m not going to say whether it is or isn’t. But I will say there are very disturbing things that would lead you to believe there’s obstruction of justice.”

Klobuchar’s comments come less than a week after the Mueller report into whether or not the president conspired with Russian officials to win the presidential election was released publicly. Following its report, which outlined 10 specific events that Mueller thought could have been obstruction of justice, fellow presidential candidate Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for Trump’s removal from office.

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