Liberals Are Denying Reality Again

Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show, we get into how so many elected Democrats are not calling the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka a terrorist attack and they aren’t mentioning that Christians were targeted, using the term “Easter worshippers” instead. There’s quite a contrast with the way liberals are talking about this attack and how they reacted to the terror attacks in New Zealand last month. Plus, CNN and MSNBC embarrass themselves again, and a prosecutor in Texas has decided that some crimes aren’t going to be crimes anymore.

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The horrible terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka that left hundreds dead targeted Christians and tourists, but only one group gets specific mention by liberals in their condemnations, which also don’t call the bombings terrorist attacks. Instead of calling the victims Christians, liberals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refer to them them simply as “Easter worshippers.” When compared to the reactions of the terrorist attacks in New Zealand last month, which was immediately condemned as such, the reaction to Sunday’s attack is curious, to say the least. We explore why that is.

CNN’s Brian Stelter was very upset that President Donald Trump sent out a tweet that accidentally claimed millions were killed in Sri Lanka, which was likely a result of an unnoticed autocorrect. Stelter worried that if the president could get the little things wrong, what else could he get wrong and why should people trust him? Of course, CNN has a history of getting both little and big things wrong, very wrong, which means that, by his standards, no one should trust CNN. The American people were way out in front of that one.

An MSNBC reporter ambushed special counsel Robert Mueller outside his church on Easter Sunday because journalism, or something. Then the network actually ran the embarrassing video thinking it made them look good. It didn’t, and we make the case.

Washington Post writer and MSNBC’s “conservative” Jennifer Rubin thinks the American people are too stupid to understand the Mueller report. All they need is to be “educated” by liberals, she thinks, and they’ll come around to removing the president. Yes, she said it and we have the audio.

The Dallas County Prosecutor announced he’s not going to prosecute “low-level” crimes, like theft of items worth less than $750, as long as people weren’t stealing them just for financial gain. What could go wrong? A lot. We discuss.

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