Super Sale: As Cybercrime Increases, You Can Lean On The #1 Rated Security And AntiVirus Protection

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Since 1991, Norton has been dedicated to creating a family of computer security products, including email protection, virus protection, and identity protection, all increasing important in today’s day and age.

Growing up, my family always had the latest antivirus protection and you would be surprised at how many trojan viruses it captured(incase you are unaware Trojan viruses can infiltrate your computer and steal all of your important information and devastate your computer).

Get the peace of mind of the industry's best antivirus protection (Photo via Norton)

Get the peace of mind of the industry’s best antivirus protection (Photo via Norton)

Get Norton Antivirus Protection today and see for yourself why it remains one of the top ranked brands in cybersecurity

While my family was very thankful for having Norton antivirus protection, the downside to the award winning protection was the cost as it was comparably expensive to its competitors. While I haven’t had Norton protection in a while, it appears that now Norton antivirus protection is now more affordable than ever, as a sale will allow you to take up to $50 off an annual subscription.

Choose the plan that works for you! (Photo via Norton)

Choose the plan that works for you! (Photo via Norton)

Browse Norton products now and find the cyber-security solution that works for you 

Choose the plan that works best for you, with some subscriptions including must-have features like cloud storage, smartphone protection, family plans, identity theft and credit monitoring protection.

While you can learn more about Norton’s antivirus and security software on their website by clicking here, if you already have antivirus protection there may still be some products that you can use. Norton also makes a VPN which enables private browsing. Norton also offers comprehensive data protection, pc tuneups, and business grade security for all of your small business needs.

When it comes to your privacy data and security, you can’t afford to go with anything but the best! So what are you waiting for? Check Norton out now for yourself and see why they consistently win awards for their computer security products.

(Photo via Norton)

(Photo via Norton)

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