ESPN Releases NFL Draft Video Featuring Country Music Stars

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN has dropped an incredible draft promo, and country music fans will love it.

The video features country music stars Kane Brown, Darius Rucker, Brad Paisley and more. If you’re a fan of country music and football, I can promise you’ll love this draft hype video.

Give it a watch below.

Holding the draft in Nashville was such a genius idea. I have a billion-dollar idea, and I want Roger Goodell to cut me a check ASAP. (RELATED: Kyler Murray Meets With The Arizona Cardinals)

In between draft picks of the first round, we have bands play a song for the crowd. Nashville is loaded with country music talent.

Fly in George Strait, get everybody ready to roll and put on a show. The ratings would be outrageous.

If that’s not the plan for Thursday night, then we riot. It’s that simple. Either give us a show in Nashville or prepare for anarchy.

You can’t hold the draft in Nashville and not center it completely around country music. It’d be borderline criminal to do such a thing.

Unfortunately, the NFL isn’t exactly known for making decision that please the masses, which means my genius idea unfortunately won’t happen.

There’s always some point down the road, I suppose. Either way, the league owes me a fortune if they ever do it.

I want it on the record right now the performance idea started with me.