Shred Delicious Meat Like A Grizzy Bear Using These Meat Claws

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Some of the most delicious foods in the world involve shredded meat. You’ve probably wondered how the meat gets shredded, what’s the easiest way to do it yourself. Shredding meat is actually quite simple. All you have to do is unleash your inner grizzly bear and tear apart meat using the Meat Claws.

Shred meat with ease!

Shred meat with ease!

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Not only is preparing delicious shredded meat incredibly easy with the Meat Claws, but it’s also tons of fun ripping away at the protein and fat. Each stainless steel claw comes with a durable wooden handle for easy gripping. The steel claw portion has an optimal design to efficiently shred through chicken, brisket, beef, turkey, or any other meat.

You can also use the Meat Claw as a skewer to grab meat right off the grill. This method makes taking the meat off the barbecue easier and safer. Then, feel free to tear into the meat while it’s still piping hot. Best of all, cleaning is simple and painless.

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