VOTE: Who Is The Best First Lady?

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Jacob Orgel Contributor
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While the United States is yet to elect a female president, women in the White House have been shaping policy decisions and serving as some of the most important political leaders since the nation’s inception.

The Office of First Lady is pivotal — not only for the promotion of the president’s agenda but for maintaining diplomatic relations, managing staff, advocating for legislation and representing the White House in numerous other fields.

America has been molded in large part by its powerful women, and these women led the country from inside its highest office, while also managing to raise families and maintain the home front.

We examine who among these distinguished leaders was the best. Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments section below. (RELATED: 10 Times Melanie Trump Made Us All Proud)

*Current First Lady Melania Trump has not been included in this poll since she has not yet completed a full term in office.*

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