Brock Hoffman Claims NCAA Denied Transfer Waiver In Part Because His Mom’s Brain Tumor ‘Has Gotten Better’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Virginia Tech football player Brock Hoffman is not happy with the NCAA.

Hoffman transferred from Costal Carolina because his mom was battling a brain tumor, and applied for a medical hardship waiver to be eligible to play right away. The NCAA denied the waiver, which means he can’t play this upcoming season as of right now.

He tweeted on Tuesday that the waiver was denied in part because “my mothers condition has gotten better since being at Coastal Carolina University.” (RELATED: Miami Quarterback Tate Martell Granted Immediate Eligibility Waiver)

The offensive lineman also added his mother still has “facial paralysis” and will “never 100% be the same.”

I drag the NCAA on a regular basis, and this is just another example of why it’s necessary to constantly rip them.

Tate Martell pretty much used a scandal at Ohio State involving an assistant coach to get eligible right away at Miami. The NCAA was fine with that, but not Hoffman being closer to his mother. They can’t be serious, right?


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Honestly, the NCAA sucks. They’re the worst, and there’s no other way to put it. They’re an organization that needs to be done away with.

If they can honestly justify Martell being eligible and not Hoffman, then there’s no purpose for them anymore.

Get rid of the NCAA, and let’s never look back. I can be your hero on this one, America. Finally, a topic to unite us all. A villain to bring us all together.

Shame on the NCAA. This is complete nonsense, and I don’t care who disagrees.

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