Nebraska Coach Scott Frost Says He’s In A ‘Hurry’ To Surround Adrian Martinez With ‘Weapons’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Nebraska football coach Scott Frost has a genius idea for making the team better, and it involves quarterback Adrian Martinez.

Frost said the following during an interview with ESPN 590 AM, according to Saturday Tradition Wednesday:

We feel like we’ve got a really good quarterback and we’re in a hurry to surround him with the type of weapons that we need in order to have a really good offense. You’re kind of on a clock with that. We feel really good about young quarterbacks, but while we’ve got a guy like Adrian, we want to surround him with as many good weapons as we can and guys that can change games.

Genius! Absolutely genius! What a revolutionary idea. Surround the quarterback with “weapons” and star players? Why didn’t a single other person on the planet or in the game of football ever think about this.

Everybody else has just been taking it slow and just waiting to see where the chips fall. Scott is just on a different level! I hope Saban didn’t listen to this interview. Imagine how good Alabama might be if they ever learn it’s important to load up as quickly as possible. (RELATED: Graham Mertz Leads Only Touchdown Drive During Wisconsin Practice, Addresses The Media Afterwards)


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In all seriousness, Scott just said the most obvious comment about making Nebraska better. Martinez is the face of the team, he’s talented and he needs as much help as he can get.

Last season was nothing short of a disaster. The team finished 4-8, but the young passer looked very talented at times.

Nebraska will always be Wisconsin’s little brother in the Big Ten West, but they might actually be a competent team if Frost can find some pieces for Martinez. Get him an offensive line, get him receivers, get him a running game and they might actually have something going in Lincoln.


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Of course, until I see it happen, it’s all just talk. As far as I’m considered, Nebraska is glorified practice for Wisconsin until I see it change.

You just hate to see it happen to such a once proud program!