NBCUniversal Has ‘Begun Internal Discussion’ Over Taking ‘The Office’ Off Netflix

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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“The Office” might not be on Netflix much longer.

The Wall Street Journal wrote the following Wednesday:

Netflix Inc. may soon have to contemplate life without its No. 1 show. It’s “The Office.”

NBCUniversal, which owns the show, licensed reruns of the comedy to the streaming-video giant years ago. Now NBCUniversal is launching its own streaming service, and has begun internal discussions about removing “The Office” from Netflix when the contract expires in 2021, according to people familiar with the situation.

My friends, smash the panic button as hard as you can. Smash it immediately. The year of 2021 might sound like it’s far away, but that’s under two years.

That’s pretty much the blink of an eye from being over. It’ll be 2021 before we even know what happened. We simply can’t stand for the hit show from leaving Netflix. We won’t allow it!

If NBCUniversal thinks I’m buying their streaming service, they’ve got another thing coming. It’s just not going to happen.

If they pull the show off of Netflix, then it will just disappear into the darkness of the internet. That’s a tragedy on an epic scale. (RELATED: Netflix Streams 164.8 Million Hours Of Video Every Day)

What will I watch after work? What will I watch during lunch? What will I watch when enjoying a beer on the weekend?

What will we do without “The Office” on Netflix?

Don’t let this happen, Netflix. Do whatever it takes. Do literally whatever it takes to stop this disaster from becoming our reality.