13-Year-Old Girl Dies Following Brutal Beating On Her Way Home From School

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A 13-year-old girl died days after she was beaten by fellow classmates on her way home from school in Houston.

Kashala Francis, a student at Attucks Middle School, died Wednesday morning after suffering intense head aches and falling into a coma, ABC 13 reported. Just days before Francis was beaten by three girls for reportedly no reason.

The seventh grader was allegedly punched and kicked by the three girls and eventually one of them kicked her in the head. Her mom Maime Jackson said Francis had a bruise on her face after the attack, but insisted she was fine.

Francis fell into a coma after being rushed to Texas Children’s Sunday, where doctors found a tumor and fluid buildup in her head. She died three days later. (RELATED: Pennsylvania Woman Dead After Falling Into Meat Grinder At Food Processing Plant)

It is unclear if the girl died from her injuries sustained in the attack police told ABC. Houston Police Department spokesman Victor Senties said the death is being investigated as a homicide until autopsy results determine cause of death.

“Until the autopsy is finished, we won’t know,” Senties said.

Francis’ mother is demanding answers about how a healthy girl dies after an attack like that, despite a pre-existing health condition.

“It’s not fair,” the distraught mother told ABC. “She did not deserve that … I’ve never met a person who has come into contact with Kashala who has not fallen in love with her.”