LeBron James Says Reports His Relationship With The Lakers Is Damaged Are Not True

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

LeBron James did his best to smack down speculation his relationship with the Lakers is in serious trouble.

The three-time NBA champion filmed a video of himself training while watching ESPN. He focused his camera on a line on the network about his damaged relationship with the team and said in the background that any claims about a rift are “not true.”

You can see the video posted by TMZ Wednesday below:

Yes, I’m sure everything in Los Angeles is just fine. There’s no chance in hell Lebron would ever lie, right? No chance at all!

The team just had an incredibly embarrassing year. LeBron appeared to be behind orchestrating a failed trade for Anthony Davis, they didn’t make the playoffs, and it was a circus by the end of the season. To call it embarrassing would be an understatement. (RELATED: LeBron James Appears To Bounce Ball Into TV Broadcast On Purpose)

King James and the Lakers didn’t even get close to meeting the expectations that come along with having the best player in the league on your team.

Now, he wants us to believe everything is perfectly fine. Yeah, I’m not buying it.

I just don’t. It might not be as bad as some people think, but King James is an ultra-competitive person. People with his kind of drive and such don’t exactly vibe well with chaos, which is what the Lakers have become.

I find it extremely hard to believe there are no issues at all.


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I would never cheer against King James, but this will only get funnier if the Lakers suck against next season. That’s just a fact.