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Morning Mirror: Political Woman In DC Is Missing Two Bras

By The Daily Caller.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Two of my sports bras are missing. They are the same color. None of my other clothes are missing. This is driving me insane.” 

Alison McQuade, social media director, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

Joe Biden enters himself into presidential race in third person

“Joe Biden JUST announced he’s running for President. And the amount he raises in the first 24 hours will be an indicator of how strong our campaign is. Can you chip in $5 to become a Founding Member and show everyone the strength of our movement?”  — Joe Biden. See his announcement video here.

Journo Hate Mail

“A reader who sends me a hateful note most mornings wrote this morning: “Do the Nats have a pitching coach?” I thought we’d had a (strange) breakthrough! I did not know but looked up the answer. Five minutes later, he writes: “That was meant for the sports guy. You still suck.” — Josh Dawsey.

Newsweek hires fellows for as little money as possible 

“Newsweek is hiring ‘fellows’ to write 4-5 articles a day for $15.00 an hour, which is literally the smallest amount they are legally allowed to pay.” — Tom McKay, Gizmodo.

Mood: “Twitter, as it turns out, is not a good model of the world.”

— the lead of a piece by The Atlantic‘s Alexis Madrigal.

Chick-fil-A eater receives a strange receipt 

“My roommate’s meal at ⁦‪@ChickfilA‬⁩ tonight cost $6.66. I thought this was supposed to be a Christian-friendly environment.” — Cameron Cawthorne, Washington Free Beacon.

President Trump gets trampled for stupidly dissing WaPo‘s Robert Costa 

Robert Costa: “President Trump called me this evening, in response to my request for comment on a profile story on a Trump World figure. After speaking on that topic, he took a few questions about his administration’s standoff with Congress. We’ll publish those remarks tonight.”

Trump: “I didn’t call Bob Costa of the Washington Post, he called me (Returned his call)! Just more Fake News.”

“Returning someone’s call is calling them you moron!” — Kurt Bardella, D.C. publicist, founder, Morning Hangover.

“So then you did call him, dumbass.” — Tony Posnanski, comedian.

“If Costa says he called you, then I believe him. You lie more than any human being in history. You also sound like a baby in this tweet. Get your diaper changed.” — Jeffrey Guterman, mental health counselor.

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Journo to all companies: Stop bothering me! 

“My opinion of any business would improve dramatically if they did not send me any emails asking for my opinion of their services.” — Olivia Nuzzi, New York Mag.

The Observers

“Only opening twitter a few times a day has been an interesting experiment, also I never know wtf you’re all mad about.” — Tyler Coates, former culture writer, Esquire.

“I see things have been going well at WH this past few days.” — MSNBC’s Katy Tur in response to Trump saying the NYT has to get down on its knees and beg for forgiveness.

“Ya know, if a country has so many people in prison that allowing them to vote could swing an election, maybe there are too many people in prison.” — Ryan Grim, Washington Bureau Chief, The Intercept.

On a way more serious note… 

“Let’s be clear about this: Two Reuters journalists in Myanmar are going to spend seven years in prison for doing their jobs honestly, unless the world does something about that.” — Gerald Seib, Washington Bureau Chief, WSJ.

A note about all those male Dem candidates 

“Eric Swalwell is creepy as hell. Is he botox-ing? What’s going on with his smooth face? So is Buttidude. So is Cory Booker and his secret pal. Beto is weird. Biden is a creeper. It’s like the land of misfit dolls and the women are no better.” — Melissa Mackenzie, American Spectator.

Bill Kristol goes to the  airport 

Just now boarding at Reagan:
Gate agent laughing: “Does Trump love you yet?”
Me: “I doubt it.”
He, turning serious: “The Democrats need to impeach him. He’s dangerous.”
Me: “Are you a Democrat?”
Him: “I’m a Reagan Republican. I came here when he was president. A real president.”

Bill Kristol, editor-at-large, The Bulwark. (RELATED: Ex-Waiter Regrets Not Peeing On Bill Kristol’s Salmon Dinner)

Journo Self-Love 

“With gratitude, joy, and lessons from thousands of stories. Tomorrow, I celebrate 25 years with NBC. Hope you will remember along with me over the next days as I post some favorite memories.” — Kelly O’Donnell, NBC.

‘Denise’ update 

“I’ve received a very kind but direct note from a lady who says she must unfollow me even tho she agrees with me on several topics. Why? Because her son is gay & she can’t tolerate me saying it’s wrong. This is where we are now folks. If I’m whittled down to 1 follower, so be it.” — Denise McAllister, former contributor, The Federalist.

Gossip Roundup

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Vegan eatery… that had a man tax is closing. Here.

Journo is continuing to enjoy his ’boutique’ spin classes 

“There are some very stupid conservatives tweeting at me right now about how I should just try working out, but what they don’t know is that I have spent enough money at boutique spin classes since 2015 to pay for at least one semester of an Ivy League education lol.” — Ben Dreyfuss, editorial director, Mother Jones.