Chris Matthews Asks Congressman If He Can ‘Watch’ Them Arrest Trump Admin Officials

MSNBC 4/25

Mike Brest Reporter
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked Democratic Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline if he could “watch” members of the Trump administration getting arrested for failing to comply with subpoenas, during his show Thursday night.

Cicilline was on the show to discuss President Donald Trump’s tweet from earlier in the day, in which he disputed the Mueller report’s claim that he directed his lawyer, Don McGahn, to fire the special counsel.


“By the way, the president talks about 12 angry Democrats. The vast majority of the evidence in the Mueller report came from members of his own administration. Not 12 angry Democrats, his own people. I think that’s why he’s furious. He not only told Don McGahn to fire the special counsel, he then asked Don McGahn to lie and say that I never told to you do that,” Cicilline stated.

“Okay, congressman, just do me a favor because I do believe you. I think you are a great public servant,” Matthews responded. “I want to say one thing to you. When they send a sergeant-at-arms to come arrest Steve Mnuchin, the Secretary of Treasury, give me the tip-off will you? I want to be there with a camera. I want to watch that.”

“Is the threat of that going to force the witnesses to show up and comply with a subpoena?” Cicilline chimed back in.

Matthews concluded, “I want to see the police power of Congress over the White House.”

Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler issued a subpoena Monday that orders former White House counsel Donald McGahn to testify before the House Judiciary Committee. Trump responded on Wednesday to that by saying the White House will fight “all” subpoenas.

“We’re fighting all of the subpoenas,” Trump said. “Look, these aren’t like, impartial people. They are Democrats trying to win in 2020. …They’re not going to win against me.”

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