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Afternoon Mirror: Daily Mail’s Hall Monitor Gets All His White House Q’s Answered (Tough Sh*t For Those Who Can’t)

By The Daily Caller.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Sitting in a coffee shop watching two white college chicks sip lattes and complain in uptalk about how some other chick in their insta feed is putting her ‘white privilege’ on display.” 

Pardes Seleh, writer, Mediaite, former scriptwriter, Fox News.

Mood: “I’m at a Chinese restaurant in DC watching college students banter w the bartender over who has more pictures w various DC personalities and this is the reason I both love and hate this city.” — Jessica Huseman, ProPublic politics reporter.

David Martosko humblebrags getting his q’s answered by Trump’s White House 

“I’ve been able to ask Trump at least 10 questions this year during South Lawn departures. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d choose that over daily talking-point sessions with his spokesperson. It’s really hard to argue that he’s not the most press-accessible modern president. President Trump answered three of my questions this morning as he left the White House: two about Joe Biden and one about Don McGahn. And Sarah Sanders answered my emails this morning about other questions. Don’t tell me about the need to have daily press briefings.” — David Martosko, U.S. Editor, DailyMail.

Journos get snotty responses from students seeking help 

“What do you do when a student (junior high through grad school) emails you with a long list of questions and wants you to respond? Update on this: a PR professor instructed them to do this for their final project, and to include questions like ‘How long have you worked at your job.’ Truly unbelievable. I said, in a very nice way, that good practice for PR is to figure out all that you can about a person by Googling before emailing them. She responded ‘thanks for the advice I didn’t ask for.'” — Anne Helen Peterson, senior culture writer, BuzzFeed News.

“I also ran into this recently. A student emailed me late on a Sunday asking if she could interview me for a project due… midday Tuesday. I made time for her, despite it being a really busy week for my beat. Her first question: So, how long have you worked at the Star Tribune?” — Torey Van Oot, politics reporter, Star Tribune.

“Omfg I once had a student who said something very similar and then had the audacity to apply to a position at my marketing firm a month later. I was like, GIRL THAT IS BOOOOOLD. …I learned that day that the line between bold, entitled, and clueless is very thin.” — Lily Herman, contributing editor, refinery29.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Stuart Stevens, travel writer, political consultant: “It’s not a bad basic test of candidates to ask yourself would this person be a good neighbor? @JoeBiden would. Donald Trump? He’d keep adding ugly additions, run an illegal gambling ring in basement, party with porn stars & sue every neighbor because he didn’t like their dogs.”

Matt Schlapp, American Union Service Chair: “With 5 daughters I’d prefer Biden to be several doors down, not next door. Trump’s definition of a late night party is the 2nd airing of Lou Dobbs. Trump does not smoke drink or use recreational drugs. He tweets. And the White House is positively chic under Melania’s watch.” (Schlapp’s wife is Mercedes Schlapp, assistant to President Trump.)

Stephanie Ruhle, MSNBC: “But it’s cool to have your wife work for someone who brags about grabbing a woman’s genitals?
(Note to self – better to be a daughter than a wife.”


“Yesterday exhausted, today woke up, felt attack on a cellular (spiritual) level. Fasted. Drank alkaline water.” — Mike Cernovich, filmmaker, conservative pundit, personality.

WaPo‘s Paul Farhi calls out Trump for quote 

Trump: “‘President Donald J. Trump is the greatest hostage negotiator that I know of in the history of the United States. 20 hostages, many in impossible circumstances, have been released in last two years. No money was paid.’ Chief [sic] Hostage Negotiator, USA!”

Farhi: “There is no record in the Nexis database (thousands of sources) of this quote being uttered by anyone other than Trump this morning.”

NPR host needs his coffee 

“Went to the hotel lobby just now for their FREE coffee. The carafes weren’t labeled ‘regular’ or ‘decaf.’ Some friendly hotel guest tried to arbitrarily assign the signs. I stopped her, and said, in earnest, Batman voice: ‘You can’t gamble with my life like that this morning.’ … We found a manager. Peace was restored. I am caffeinated. Anyway, have a great day.” — Sam Sanders, NPR host.

SAB: Judge Judy and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) 

Deep Thoughts With NYT’s Susan Fowler On Jealousy 

“One of the hardest things in life is when you really want or need something and someone else gets it instead of you. I sometimes struggle with this when it happens, but I’m learning to understand that maybe they just needed the blessing more than I did. …I love when I think like this, because it reminds me of how AMAZING my life is. I’m so ridiculously blessed, and anything good that happens to me in addition to what has already happened is just a wonderful gift.”

Susan Fowler, writer, editor, NYT Opinion.

Gossip Roundup 

CNN’s Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter wants people to “look up” while he keeps his head up his ass. He was the keynote speaker at a rubber chicken journo luncheon at the National Press Club Thursday and I stopped by to listen to him.  Here.

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