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As I sit here staring out my window into the stormy darkness, I think about how unpredictable the weather can be at this time of year. Winter is over and everyone is excited about the warmer temperatures. Yet, the weather makes party and activity planning a little more challenging. This time of year is huge for social gatherings. There is Prom, graduation, end of season sports gatherings, birthdays, showers, weddings, and more. Generally speaking, most people plan outdoor gatherings during these months. They are wonderful if the weather cooperates.  If you get a gray, cloudy, cold, or rainy day, however, it might not be ideal. What can you do? For one thing, you can consider renting or purchasing a tent. At least your guests will stay dry. It doesn’t help with the temperature, though.
Lucky for you, Amazon has some great outdoor heaters. If you have never seen one before, these heaters are freestanding lamp-shaped items that give off infrared heat. They work great! These devices are basically large powerful space heaters for the outdoors. If you are hosting an outdoor get-together in the next few months, I highly recommend investing in at least one of these items.
The list price on this patio heater is $249.99. Amazon has it on sale for $189.90! (Photo via Amazon)

The list price on this patio heater is $249.99. Amazon has it on sale for $189.90! (Photo via Amazon)

Get your Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR 48000 BTU Premium Hammered Bronze Patio Heater now for almost 25 percent off while this deal lasts! 

Recently, I have been to a few events with these heaters and I am a true believer. In fact, I was doing some research for a purchase of my own when I found this discounted 4-star version on Amazon. The Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR Premium Hammered Bronze Patio Heater throws off 48000 BTU’s of heat through a stainless steel burner. An added aluminum reflector adds range to the warmth. It comfortably heats an 24 foot area circling the heater. It is easy to set up and even easier to use. Attached wheels allow you to move it where you want before setting it in place. It starts with a simple push button electronic ignition. It also provides variable heat settings to meet your needs. Plus, the anti-tilt device and auto shut-off valve provide additional safety.
(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

The Dyna-Glo DGPH201BR 48000 BTU Premium Hammered Bronze Patio Heater can be yours for more than $60 off now with free Prime Shipping 
The hammered bronze finish makes this over 7 feet tall lamp an attractive decorative addition to your outdoor living space. To be exact, it is 87.5 inches high and made of sturdy powder-covered steel. The durable base is 32 X 32 inches wide and the heater weighs 35.2 pounds. The list price on this patio heater is $249.99. It is currently discounted by more than $60. Amazon has it on sale for just $189.90
Plus, if you buy it now, you can use a clickable coupon for an an additional $4.61 in extra savings. If you love the idea of a patio heater, but you aren’t sure this is what you are looking for, check out all the other options on Amazon. They have several tall freestanding heaters like this one. They also have smaller table top versions, as well as outdoor models that can be mounted on a wall.
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