Climate Protester’s Cameraman Asks Katie Hopkins The Color Of Her Underwear In Attempt To Refute Her Point

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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When a climate protester ambushed U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) leader Gerard Batten, media personality Katie Hopkins turned the tables on him, demanding that he answer just one question.

Hopkins noted that Batten had humored the protester, who had brought a friend with a camera to record him as he peppered the UKIP leader with questions, answering some 15 of his queries before she stopped him and asked where he had gone to school. (RELATED: Mark Steyn Reacts To New Climate Change Theory: ‘I Can Get On Board With This One’)


Hopkins called him “posh” several times, arguing that, in her experience, protesters appear to be affluent, and they prompt policies that would have a much more profound impact on those who were not as wealthy.

“Can I ask you a question just to interrupt the constant monologue of you talking?” she asked. “There’s this perception I have where I live, and it’s called ‘the rest of the U.K.,’ that climate protesters are massively over-privileged and kind of ‘posh’ kids — and you seem to be falling straight into that for me. So can you explain to me why it seems to be almost a luxury of the privileged that live in London to dictate to the rest of us what we should and shouldn’t be allowed to do?”

Hopkins went on to ask the protester where he had gone to school, needling him about whether it might have been a prestigious boarding school. He pointedly refused to answer, arguing that it didn’t matter.

The person carrying the camera cut in then, asking Hopkins, “What color is your underwear? I don’t give a f**k!”

Hopkins fired right back, saying, “I don’t have any underwear. I don’t wear pants. I don’t wear pants. I can show you that, too, if you like.”

The protester and his cameraman tried to turn the conversation back around to climate change but to no avail.

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