Parkland Father Hits Kamala Harris: ‘You Put Your Kid On That Third Floor,’ You’d Want Someone There To Save Her Life

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Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Parkland School shooting victim father Andrew Pollack confronted Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris for her stand against a measure that aims to assist teachers in learning better ways to protect their students, during a Friday evening interview on “The Story With Martha MacCallum.”

“One of those Democrats is Kamala Harris, and you just heard what she said in the tweet that she wrote, she said, ‘Teachers don’t need guns, they need a raise.’ What would you say to her?” MacCallum asked Pollack.

“I’d like to tell Kamala that she didn’t have a daughter on that third floor praying for her life, and no one came to save her when there was multiple teachers on that floor who could have saved her. And my daughter was shot nine times, okay?” he responded. “So how about that, Kamala? Put your kid on that third floor and you tell me you wouldn’t want someone there to save her life. That’s what I tell Kamala.” (RELATED: Florida Could Take Pension Away From School Security Officer Who Did Nothing To Stop Parkland Shooting)

MacCallum went on to ask about another Parkland father, Fred Guttenberg, who argued against the measure, claiming that more guns in schools would lead to more shootings and wouldn’t be very effective against a heavily-armed gunman.

“You know what it is, Martha? They are really not educated on what happened,” he continued. “I really don’t talk about Fred much. But these teachers — it’s an extensive training where they go through psychologicals, they do 144 hours. They are trained to higher standards than regular deputies in accuracy. So, what’s very important also is when there is a shooting going on, you are going to want to know there’s someone in that school that is there to defend your kid. What they leave out, mostly, Martha, is it’s voluntary. We do not want teachers — we do not want teachers that don’t want to do it. Do you know what I mean?”

The discussion happened after the Florida state Senate voted to approve a measure that would provide for a program to instruct and arm teachers in hopes that they would be able to stop any ongoing active shooter issue at their schools. The vote in the state Senate was 22-17, and the measure is expected to pass the Republican-controlled State House, and be signed into law by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Harris opposed the move, indicating that she would oppose any such a measure as president.

“Teachers don’t need a gun. They need a raise,” she wrote Wednesday on Twitter. “We have to give them the resources they need to educate the next generation of leaders.”