REVIEW: ‘SEAL Team’ Episode ‘Medicate And Isolate’ Is Heartbreaking

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The latest episode of “SEAL Team” was an emotional one.


Medicate and Isolate” had two main storylines. First, Bravo is sent to recover the body of a fallen hero in Mali as the enemy closes in.

It’s the secondary storyline of the episode and sad in its own right as another dark reminder of the sacrifices the heroes in the military make. (RELATED: ‘SEAL Team‘ Star Max Thieriot Discusses Season 2, Teases Some ‘Great Action’ In Coming Episodes)

Bravo and Jason eventually recover the body, fight off the terrorists and there’s an awesome sequence of an A-10 blowing away the bad guys. The final part of the episode for Bravo showed them returning the flag draped coffin home. It was a powerful and awesome moment.


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The main storyline was substantially sadder as Clay tries to get former team member Brett Swann help for a TBI. The only problem is there’s no record of a TBI in Brett’s service record, despite the fact he clearly has one.

This means the VA can’t treat him. The episode is a scary look at how messed up the VA is, and how it lets down so many people.

Upon hearing they won’t treat his TBI and will only continue to medicate whatever “symptoms” he’s undergoing, Brett shoots himself in the chest with a revolver as Clay was getting his medication.


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In the final moments of the show, the troubled warrior appears to bleed out in Clay’s arms in the parking lot of the VA facility. It was about as sad as the show has ever gotten.

I’ve always argued one of the best parts about “SEAL Team” is the fact it’s about a lot more than just blowing stuff up and action scenes. It has those great sequences, but the hit CBS show shines an incredible light on what happens off the battlefield.

The doctor telling Brett there was nothing he could do for him was one of the most troubling parts of the show, and you could just tell something horrible was on the horizon. It’s troubling to see, but maybe it’ll help bring attention to the issues with care veterans get.

SEAL Team” hit a home run with this episode, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. It’s one of the best shows on TV.

Major props to them for this powerful episode.