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Tomi Lahren Wants Advice About Her Canker Sores

Tomi Lahren The Blaze Youtube screenshot

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren has a question for the masses.

And thanks to TheWrap‘s Jon Levine, we now know that Lahren gets sores in her mouth when she gets stressed. The video first surfaced in her Instagram feed Thursday night.

“So when I get stressed out I get canker soars at the bottom of my tongue,” she says in the video.

At this point, she stuck her tongue between her teeth to show viewers…”thmmm.”

She asked for guidance, saying, “If so, what the heck do you do to get rid of them?”

You can imagine the advice that rolled in from this whopper of a question.

Cures ranged from using CBD oil and eating more veggies, like kale, spinach and arugula, to gargling saltwater and using Orajel.

One guy advised, “Herpes is forever.”

Another suggested she should cut off her tongue.

Lahren, an unabashed President Trump supporter, is obviously not shy about her political beliefs and posts a gazillion pictures of herself on social media. Dealing with the public hasn’t been easy for her, which makes this one a bit of a head scratcher — why open herself up to this? In mid-2018, strangers threw a water at her while calling her “racist.” (RELATED: ‘You Don’t Have The Right To Throw A Drink At Me’)

Discussing her canker sores does appear to be straying from her normal showiness. (RElATED: Tomi Lahren Teases Photo Shoot For New Book)