Trey Gowdy: Eric Swalwell As President Should ‘Scare The Ever-Living Hell Out Of You’

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Former GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy said the thought of a “President Eric Swalwell” should “scare the ever-living hell out of you” during a Friday night conversation with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum.

The former GOP congressman was discussing Swalwell’s contention that President Donald Trump is a “Russian asset” despite the conclusions of the Mueller report, taking particular umbrage at the 2020 presidential candidate’s insistence that Trump should have to “prove that he did not do something.”


“President Eric Swalwell, that ought to scare the ever-living Hell out of you, Martha,” Gowdy said after MacCallum played a clip of the California lawmaker’s remarks.

“His last sentence is exactly the difference between a prosecutor and a politician,” he said. “Prosecutors prove that you did something, politicians make you prove you did not. Did you hear his last sentence? ‘I challenge President Trump to prove that he did not do something.’ That’s what politicians do.”

“That’s not the way law works,” MacCallum added. (RELATED: Dana Loesch Question On Gun Control Stops Eric Swalwell In His Tracks)

Swalwell has refused to budge on virtually any aspect of the Russian collusion conspiracy theory despite the conclusions of the Mueller report, even to the point of taking seriously the most salacious claims of the discredited and unverified Steele dossier.

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