Trump Invites Sarah Sanders On Stage At Wisconsin Rally: ‘You’re Fired’

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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President Donald Trump invited White House press secretary Sarah Sanders to join him on the stage at his Wisconsin rally on Saturday, joking as she left the stage, “You’re fired!”


The crowd chanted as Sanders stepped up to the stage, “Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!”

Sanders waved to the crowd, joking about how different her reception was this year compared to the event she attended last year at this time — the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. “Not quite the best welcome,” she cracked. (RELATED: Sanders: ‘It’s A Great Day In America’ After Mueller Report)

“I’m so proud to work for the president,” Sanders continued. “They said he couldn’t win in 2016 and he did. They said he couldn’t make our economy better, and it’s booming. They said he couldn’t rebuild the military, and he’s done it. They said there was collusion and there wasn’t.”

Waving toward the crowd, Sanders gave them some of the credit for Trump’s accomplishments. “They’ve questioned him at every step, and he’s proven them wrong every single time because of all of you.”

As Sanders left the stage to cheers and applause, Trump came back to the mic and shook his head. “She doesn’t get it. She doesn’t understand me after all these years,” he kept shaking his head. “She’s becoming too popular. I’m jealous. Sarah, you’re fired!”

The president laughed then and added, “She was wondering what was that all about. She’s been great.”

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