Why Miss Out On A Goodnight’s Sleep? Fall Asleep On Demand With SleepNow, The Premium Pillow

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UPDATED: The price of the SleepNow Pillow has been reduced even more. You can now get TWO SleepNow Pillows for less than the price of ONE! 

Did you know that only 35% of people can say “I had a good night’s sleep” at least once a week? I don’t know about you but that sounds like a minority I would like to be a part of.

I recently had the opportunity to test out the official SleepNow Pillow, a luxury premium pillow I had seen advertised before, and while I have always had trouble falling- and staying asleep (I’m a rather restless “back”-sleeper), I can testify that the SleepNow Pillow is truly a game-changer!

SleepNow utilizes a combination of extra-long and extra-soft fibers and a unique blend of hypoallergenic material!

SleepNow utilizes a combination of extra-long and extra-soft fibers and a unique blend of hypoallergenic material!

Get TWO customized SleepNow Pillows today for less then the price of ONE and finally get your hands on a pillow that meets your sleeping needs 

The SleepNow pillow is designed with both comfort and affordability in mind as compared to other luxury pillows that could retail upwards of $150+ for just ONE. The pillow uses an innovative 3-in-1  design where three pillows are combined together (sounds weird but the construction allows you to customize whether your pillow feels soft, medium, or firm, or all three, depending on your sleeping needs). 

And while I sleep on my back as noted above, SleepNow advertises that its pillows form to any body type, whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, SleepNow suits any sleeping position.

And best of all, you can now get 2 pillows for less then the price of one -for a limited time! And you can be sure to test the quality of the pillow for yourself as SleepNow offers a satisfaction money back guarantee for the first 100 nights of owning the pillow.

Read more about why people are upgrading their old pillows to SleepNow pillows – and get yours while supplies last!

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