James Harden Rips The Refs After Losing To The Warriors

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Houston Rockets star James Harden wasn’t too happy with the refs after a 104-100 Sunday loss to the Golden State Warriors.

The electric scorer felt like he got fouled by Draymond Green on a potential game tying three, but no call was made. You can watch the play below.

He clearly wasn’t happy with the refs choosing to not blow the whistle, despite the fact it looks like the correct decision.

“I just want a fair chance, man. Call the game how it’s supposed to be called, and that’s it and I’ll live with the results,” Harden said after the game.

I have some free advice for Harden that I once heard from a man much smarter than I am. Don’t allow the game to ever be close enough to where the refs can have an impact.

You know when the refs can’t change the outcome of a game? When you’re up by 20 or 30. When you let games come down to a final shot, then the refs are going to potentially have some input, despite the fact I don’t think that’s what happened here. (RELATED: Damian Lillard Hits Game Winner Over The Oklahoma City Thunder)

Harden didn’t suffer some obvious foul. Give me a break.


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Harden was trying to draw a foul, and the refs didn’t give it to him. Good for them. I wouldn’t have either, and no amount of whining after the game is going to change that fact.

Next time, Harden should try to put himself in a better situation before needing a tying shot at the end of the game.

Trust me, whining about the refs not giving you what would have been an awful call isn’t a great look for a major NBA star. Just do better. It’s not difficult to understand, and Harden should know better.

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