John Elway Says Joe Flacco Is ‘Coming Into His Prime’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Denver Broncos general manager John Elway recently made an absurd comment about quarterback Joe Flacco.

The Broncos traded for the former Ravens passer in the offseason, and he should slide right into the starting role. In fact, according to the GM of the team, he’s only now starting to hit his prime.


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“He really put on a throwing exhibition last week in camp. I truly think we’ve got a guy coming into his prime,” Elway told Peter King for an article published Monday. (RELATED: Baltimore Ravens Trade Joe Flacco To The Broncos, Will Likely Get A ‘Mid-Round Pick’ In Return)

Yeah, here’s a live look at my reaction to that comment.

Elway is joking, right? Entering his prime? This can’t be serious. No chance in hell Flacco is just now entering his prime.

The dude is 34 years old and got benched last year in favor of Lamar Jackson. In case you all forgot, Jackson doesn’t exactly have the greatest arm in the sport, and he still started over Flacco by the end of the season for the Ravens.

I don’t believe a single word out of Elway’s mouth. Not a single one.


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I’m not saying Flacco won’t be successful with the Broncos. There’s no question he’s a competent quarterback, but let’s not pretend like he’s got higher to go when it comes to his abilities.

I’m sure the Broncos fans will soon start marching on my house for my audacity to call out Elway for this absurd comment. Bring it on.

Until I’m proven wrong, I refuse to believe what Elway said could possibly be true.