‘Completely 100% Wrong:’ Lindsey Graham Calls Out Judge Nap On Obstruction Question

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GOP Senator Lindsey Graham countered Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano’s interpretation of whether or not President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice directly after Napolitano’s Monday night Fox News appearance.

Appearing before Graham on “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Napolitano had argued that any attempt “to interfere with the government” is illegal, even if that attempt amounted to nothing.

“If your purpose is to interfere with the government in order to save yourself, not to help the government, then you have committed the crime of obstruction,” he said.


“My best to Senator Graham,” Napolitano said as the camera switched to the senator before the commercial break. (RELATED: ‘I Stand With The President’ — Lindsey Graham Makes The Case For Trump’s National Emergency)

Graham started his conversation with MacCallum by answering a question about the judge’s argument:


I like Judge Napolitano, but is he completely 100% wrong. The obstruction of justice pertains to colluding with the Russians, not firing Comey. The theory is that you fire Comey to stop the Russian investigation. What do we know after the Mueller report? There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. There is no underlying crime. What do we also know? That the Trump administration gave the special counsel a million documents, allowed people to testify, McGahn for 30 hours and never claimed executive privilege.

“To the Sally Yates’ of the world,” Graham said, charging Trump “with obstructing justice when there was no underlying crime to obstruct” is “ridiculous” and “absurd.”

“He cooperated fully with the special counsel and finally, name one event that Donald Trump engaged in that impeded the Mueller investigation.”

We’ll register your complaints with Judge Napolitano,” MacCallum joked.

“Good!” said Graham.

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