New York Woman Called 911 With Questions About How To Kill Her Boyfriend

(Credit: Shutterstock Tiko Aramyan)

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A New York woman is facing charges after calling 911 to ask the operator how to kill her boyfriend, according to police.

Zelda Cotton, 54, of Tonawanda, was arrested Saturday after calling 911 to ask for ways to kill her boyfriend, police said. She faces charges of endangering the welfare of an elderly person and criminal possession of a weapon. Her bail has been set at $5,000, according to ABC7.

Police responded to the home after Cotton told them she had struck her 76-year-old boyfriend five times with a VCR tape. After hitting him with the tape, she reportedly told the operator that she was swinging a leaf blower battery at him.

Cotton was intoxicated at the time police arrived. (RELATED: Pennsylvania Woman Dead After Falling Into Meat Grinder At Food Processing Plant)

I can’t seem to figure out why she called the police on herself. She obviously wasn’t actually going to hurt him or else she would have grabbed a knife instead of a VCR tape. The police did arrest her, so they must have thought that she was some kind of threat to her boyfriend.

I feel like it would have been faster and definitely smarter to just look up the question on the internet.