New Washington Post-ABC Poll Reveals Only 30% Of Voters Will ‘Definitely Support’ Trump In 2020

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Phillip Stucky Contributor
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A Washington Post-ABC Poll released Monday reveals that President Donald Trump could have an uphill battle during the 2020 presidential election.

The poll found that 30% of respondents planned to “definitely support” the president in 2020, and an additional 14% reported they “would consider” supporting his bid for reelection. Additionally, 52% reported they would definitely not support him in any way, according to the poll. Those numbers were very close to the 54% disapproval rating for the president in the poll.

Trump received the most support for his success in helping the U.S. economy grow, with 42% of registered voters reported that the president’s handling of the economy made them more likely to vote for him, compared to 32% who said it made them less likely to support the president in 2020.

Trump made the biggest gains with Independent oters on the topic of the economy. He also earned 78% support among Republicans specifically due to his handling of the economy. (RELATED: Trump Administration Doubles Down On Immigration Ahead Of 2020)

The president has made his success with the economy a talking point at his rallies, as well. As he told a crowd in Wisconsin on Saturday, “The employment rate for Wisconsin workers has reached historic — it has never been this low before ever, ever, ever — think of that. We’re now the number-one economy anywhere in the world, and it’s not even close.”

The president’s management of illegal immigration, however, was less favored, according to the poll. Only 34% of voters reported that they would support Trump based on his handling of immigration, compared to 42% who said they were less likely to support him.

Despite recent polling, the president’s re-election team has high hopes for 2020. Campaign Manager Brad Parscale revealed which states Trump could win in 2020 that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

“There are some key states, obviously — we have to go back and win Michigan again, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. We plan on also being in Minnesota very soon. I think New Mexico is in play in 2020. I think New Hampshire. I think we continue to grow the map,” he concluded. “I think Nevada, you know, even Colorado. And so those are states we did not win in 2016. I think are open for 2020.”

Washington Post and ABC contacted 1,001 adults and narrowed the sample to the 865 respondents who reported they were registered voters. The poll ran from April 22 through April 25 and included a margin of error of 4 percentage points in either direction.