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Sportswriter Calls MAGA Hat-Wearing Guy At Jazz Fest A ‘Pr*ck’


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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A sportswriter attending New Orleans’ Jazz Fest was severely triggered at the site of a man wearing a MAGA hat.

“Just yelled at a prick with the audacity to wear a fucking make America great again hat in the middle of a jazz festival,” boasted SBNation‘s Natalie Weiner on Twitter Monday. “I don’t understand how people an be so hateful, I really don’t.”

I’m not sure if she was referring to the man in the MAGA hat or herself. She never says what the MAGA-hat wearer did, if anything, to provoke her ire. His only crime appears to be his hat.

Recent events may have fueled her furor. It was rumored that actor Jussie Smullett told police that two men in MAGA hats had attacked him. He told ABC GMA’s Robin Roberts that detail was untrue. Smollett pleaded not guilty to 16 felony counts of misconduct. In late March, all charges against him were dropped to the dismay of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago PD. (RELATED: Principal Orders Student To Cover Up Maga Hat And Shirt)

Weiner, who previously worked for Billboard Mag and Bleacher Report,  added, “He was walking to see Irma Thomas and he doesn’t deserve to be within a 10 mile radius of Irma Thomas.”

The festival runs from April 26 to May 5. Thomas is a 78-year-old singer known as the “Soul Queen of New Orleans.”

SiriusXM’s David Webb tried to school Weiner in political facts. Not that they make a difference in terms of the First Amendment.

“Trump won Louisiana by 20 points. It’s #MAGA country,” he wrote, attempting to explain why the reporter might see a man wearing the offending item of clothing that has never been banned in America. (RELATED: Man Born In Togo Attacked In Maryland For Wearing MAGA Hat)

Tom Elliott, an editor at Grabien Media, spoke to Weiner like she was a child, which she deserves.

“Natalie, I applaud your powerful blow for justice, but I fear it’s not enough,” Elliott wrote, dousing her in sarcasm. “Can you try tracking down his name and perhaps publishing his contact info? We should also be informed of his friends and employers so his life can be completely destroyed. It was a jazz fest after all.”

Self-described political commentator and YouTuber Blaire White wasn’t as kind.

“Imagine screaming at a stranger in public because of a hat and thinking THEY’RE the hateful one,” she tweeted. “You’re not cool, brave, dignified, or justified in doing this. You’re just a cunt.”

But perhaps my favorite response to Weiner was in the form of red hat with some sage advice:

“Relax Idiots It’s Just A Fucking Hat.”