Democrats Scramble To Manufacture A Scandal, Fail Miserably

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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Today’s show covers the latest attempt by the political left to manufacture a scandal — this one involving Attorney General William Barr. They failed miserably.

Also, socialism in Venezuela is leading to violence in the streets, but CNN failed to ask socialist Senator Bernie Sanders anything about it; an MSNBC reporter accidentally makes the case for the Second Amendment; Eric Swalwell makes a fool of himself (again); and a liberal professor calls on all men to drop out of the Democratic primary because of “male privilege.”

Listen to the show:

Democrats thought they’d found another line of attack against the Trump administration — this time against AG Barr. A Washington Post story about a letter sent by special counsel Robert Mueller to Barr claims that Barr’s summary of Mueller’s report did not capture the “context” of the investigation.

Democrats pounced, claiming Barr had lied to Congress when he’d said in testimony he had no idea whether or not Mueller supported his conclusions on obstruction of justice. But a six-second video clip of the exchange being circulated by Democrats and liberal journalists removed the context of the obstruction determination, giving the impression the exchange was about the overall summary Barr sent Congress. Which is a lie.

We play the whole clip to expose the lie and read paragraph 13 of the Post story in which — buried well into the piece — it is mentioned that Mueller’s problem is with the way his report is being treated by the media, not Barr. We have the clips and the story.

Venezuela is descending into chaos as socialism claims another failure. CNN interviewed Bernie Sanders for 12 minutes and didn’t ask the socialist Senator a single question about the violence in the streets. The audio of the end of the interview, when the anchor then teases a story about the violence in Venezuela, is something to behold.

And regarding a story about the military firing on civilian protesters in Venezuela, an MSNBC guest inadvertently makes a strong case in favor of the Second Amendment. You have to hear it to believe it.

California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, trying to be “woke,” tweeted about how it was an outrage that the word “women” does not appear in the Constitution one single time. Twitter users quickly reminded Swalwell, who swears an oath to the Constitution as a Member of Congress, that the word “man” does not appear in it either.

And an op-ed in the Washington Post calls for all the men running for the Democratic Party’s nomination to quit the race and support women because of their “male privilege.”

You can’t make any of this stuff up, and we cover it all.

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