New York Giants QB Daniel Jones Says He Doesn’t Pay Attention To Criticism

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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New York Giants draft pick Daniel Jones doesn’t seem to care everybody thinks his selection was a joke.

Everybody — and I mean absolutely everybody — thinks the Jones selection at six with Dwayne Haskins still on the board was atrocious. Jones isn’t an awful quarterback, but he’s certainly not Haskins. The whole world seems to be in agreement on this fact. However, the former Duke star doesn’t seem worried about what people are saying. (RELATED: New York Giants Draft QB Daniel Jones, Pass On Dwayne Haskins)

Jones said the following in part on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s “Late Hits” show about all the criticism:

I haven’t paid too much mind to that. I think that’s key to playing quarterback, to being consistent as a quarterback, is keeping your head in the same place. I think that just comes down to your confidence in yourself, and your confidence has got to come from inside of you. I think if you’re looking externally for confidence, then you’re also going to be affected by the negative as well.

I like his outlook, but we’ll see if that changes if things head south for him in New York. The fanbases and media in New York are known for being absolutely brutal.

There won’t be any mercy at all if he starts failing once he takes the field for the Giants. It’ll only be made worse because they have to play Haskins and the Redskins twice a year. (RELATED: Washington Redskins Draft Quarterback Dwayne Haskins 15th Overall)

Trust me, it won’t be as easy to run and hide from the criticism if the wheels fall off the track.

Don’t get me wrong on this one. I’m not cheering against Daniel Jones. I don’t want him to suck, but I worry this whole situation is going to go down the drains.

It’s going to get ugly for Jones and it’s going to get ugly fast. I can promise you this much.

Bookmark this article right now for later. I want you all to remember this when it goes downhill in New York. I said it wouldn’t work. I said it’d be a failure.

I hope like hell I’m wrong, but I doubt I will be. Best of luck to all the Giants fans out there. You’re in for a long ride.

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