Bruce Allen Hits Back At The New York Giants Over Daniel Jones Pick

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Washington Redskins President Bruce Allen doesn’t have time for speculation coming from the New York Giants.

The Giants selected quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth pick in the draft, and the Redskins took Ohio State passer Dwayne Haskins. After all the heat the Giants have had to deal with, General Manager Dave Gettleman claimed multiple teams were willing to pick Jones in the first round. According to the Washington Post, “The Redskins were later reported to be one of those teams.” However, Allen claimed that’s simply untrue. (RELATED: New York Giants Draft QB Daniel Jones, Pass On Dwayne Haskins)

“We picked the player we wanted to pick. I’m almost positive Dave has no clue what our draft board would be. I don’t know which draft boards he knows, but he doesn’t know ours,” Allen said Tuesday night on the NFL Network.


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You know a draft situation is bad when a GM has to essentially argue other teams would have picked his guy if he didn’t. If he truly believed in his pick, he wouldn’t have to say anything.

I have no idea how Jones will do under center for the Giants, but his selection has been received as an utter disaster so far. That much is simply a fact.

I also find it extremely hard to believe the Redskins wanted Jones over Haskins. Haskins has a cannon for an arm and is everything you want in a traditional pocket passer.

It really does seem like Gettleman is starting to hedge and get it out there that he didn’t have a choice but to pick Jones at six.

Again, it’s not a good look or a good sign. I wouldn’t say it exactly inspires confidence for the fans in what Jones is capable of doing in the NFL.

As of this moment, it really does look like Jones is going to have a hell of a rough time in New York. I said from the jump Haskins would be better.

We’ll have to see if I once again turn out to be correct.