JOONDEPH: Media Happily Ignores The Role Of Mass Migration In Spreading Measles

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When it comes to immigration and the consequences of open borders, the media peddles news to advance their left-wing agenda, rather than reporting honestly about the negative effects of unfettered illegal immigration.

Aside from the economic drag and the violence in sanctuary cities, there are myriad health concerns over what these immigrants and refugees bring to America from their countries of origin.

Measles is just the latest example. From the mid 1950s to mid 1960s, there were about four million cases per year in the US, a rate which dropped to near zero after a vaccine was introduced.

Now measles is back in the news as the number of cases swell. Last year was a banner year for measles with 349 confirmed cases. The actual number is likely higher as not all cases are reported. Why the spike in cases?

With a large cluster of cases in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, the outbreak is being attributed to Orthodox Jews in these communities refusing vaccinations for their children. That might be part of the answer, but then how to explain an outbreak in Portland, Oregon or Los Angeles, neither city with a high population of Orthodox Jews.

What these two cities, along with New York City have in common is that they are sanctuary cities and home to many illegal immigrants coming to America from countries where measles is prevalent.

2019 is set to be a record-breaking year, with 555 cases to date as of mid-April, certain to eclipse the recent high of 667 cases in 2014. Almost a thousand students at Los Angeles colleges are in quarantine due to possible measles exposure.

It’s certainly convenient to blame religious extremism rather than the elephant in the room, illegal immigration. But do religions prohibit vaccinations?

Vox researched the topic and found, “Most religions that are dragged into this debate don’t actually oppose vaccination.” In fact, “The only two religions that have any possible negative stance (though it’s not even clear that they do) on vaccination are Christian Scientists and the Dutch Reformed Church.”

The College of Physician of Philadelphia adds Islam to the list of religions that have concern with vaccinations since some vaccines contain pork-related products.

New York Jewish Week notes, “In Judaism, no religious law actually forbids vaccination, even in cases where the vaccine includes gelatin, an ingredient made from pig tissue.”

The Catholic Church supports vaccinations as, “A moral obligation to protect the life and health of their children and those around them.”

There is no doubt there is an anti-vaccine contingent in the U.S., especially with fears over possible links to autism and other developmental problems in children. What’s ignored is the immigration contribution.

Among the top ten countries for refugee admissions into the U.S. in 2018, several are high on the list for measles prevalence, such as Congo and Ukraine. Measles is also common in Central American countries including Venezuela, which send migrants to the U.S. How difficult is it to make such a correlation?

The CDC sidesteps the issue by using the term “travelers” as in, “Measles cases are actually coming from international travelers.” That’s like calling Hannibal Lector an epicurean. By travelers do they mean the millions of tourists and business people traveling across the globe or those traveling in migrant caravans from Central America to the U.S. border? Certainly, tourists from countries such as France and Italy, with their own immigration problems, can carry measles to the U.S. But what about refugees, coming from measles hotspots, without vaccinations, and traveling in squalid conditions?

Aside from measles, what else might be crossing the border? Thirty-five percent of refugee admissions into the U.S. are from the Congo, where there just happens to be an Ebola outbreak of over 1,000 cases.

Another new border crosser is the “kissing bug” which carries Chagas disease, a potentially fatal infection found in “mainly rural parts of Latin America.” A Delaware girl was bitten on the face by one of these critters. Someone should ask Joe Biden for his thoughts on open borders and the diseases that cross with the refugees into his state.

Big media, rather than taking a reasoned look at some of the consequences of open borders, continues blathering about President Trump separating families and putting kids in cages, talking points on par with Trump being a Russian agent.

In the ultimate irony, the left rails against allowing unvaccinated children into U.S. schools but welcomes millions of unvaccinated migrants and illegal immigrants into our country. It’s media malpractice to ignore and obfuscate the facts, putting Americans in danger, all in pursuit of a political agenda.

Brian C. Joondeph (@RetinalDoctor), MD, MPS, is a Denver-based physician.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.