Journalist Describes Police Not Intervening While Antifa Assaulted Him

Fox News 5/2

Mike Brest Reporter
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Journalist Andy Ngo described to Tucker Carlson on Thursday how he was allegedly attacked during an Antifa rally on Wednesday, where the police opted not to intervene.

Ngo, who’s also an editor at Quillette, has been previously attacked by anti-fascist protesters as well.


“Yesterday’s event was supposed to be a celebration of diversity and workers’ rights. But in reality, it was a celebration of Marxism, communism and political violence. Antifa had mobilized outside the ICE office in an unlawful protest where they shut down streets in a critical area near a hospital and it was there that they targeted my camera equipment and then I was punched in the abdomen,” Ngo explained.

“Both times were by different masked individuals. I immediately alerted the Portland police officer who was standing yards away and he let me know that if they stepped in to intervene that would be an escalation and that could incite the crowd so he was going — he couldn’t do anything and if I wanted to I could file a police report later,” he continued.

He continued, “Later on that day, there was a brawl/riot outside of the Cider Riot Bar in Portland and it was there that I was singled out and targeted by a masked individual who sprayed me nearly point blank in the face with bear mace and blinded me, fortunately a woman who I have no idea who she is but she led me across the street because I could not see and I was only there as a journalist. I was harassed and attacked all day. When the riot happened the police were nowhere in sight. (RELATED: Antifa Protesters Block Portland Traffic, Nearly Start Riot During Patrick Kimmons Vigil)

“At this time, no victims of assault have made reports to the police,” Portland Police Bureau said in a statement, despite Ngo’s incidents.

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