Ana Navarro Is Cool With Social Media Platforms Censoring People She Doesn’t Like

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Political commentator Ana Navarro admitted Friday that she doesn’t have a problem with social media platforms banning and censoring certain people as long as they’re the people she thinks are “horrible for our society.”

Navarro argued during a segment of ABC’s “The View” that the First Amendment is “not unlimited. It’s not unrestricted.” (RELATED: Ana Navarro Has Choice Words For Roger Stone: ‘Bye Bye, Baby, Karma Is A Bitch!’)


Joy Behar began the segment with reports stating that Facebook had banned several people from the platform — including Milo Yiannopoulos, InfoWars’ Alex Jones and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan — and asked whether such bans constituted a breach of First Amendment rights.

Co-host Sunny Hostin admitted that, as an attorney, the idea that a private company could restrict speech made her “uncomfortable” even though she didn’t agree with the positions of those who were being banned.

“I disagree certainly with all those … but it makes me uncomfortable that you have this private organization being able to take away the speech of private individuals,” Hostin explained. “There’s something about it that makes me — makes the lawyer in me — uncomfortable.”

“I have no issue with it at all,” Navarro jumped in. “I want them shut down, silenced, I think they’re horrible for our society. The First Amendment argument is very powerful, it’s something so unique to America. But it’s not unlimited. It’s not unrestricted. In law school you all learn about the ‘screaming fire in a crowded theater,’ if it’s something that endangers people, if it’s something that will end up hurting people, there are restrictions.”

She concluded by arguing that the hateful rhetoric that had been allowed up to this point had already “triggered” people to act, saying, “I think we’re seeing how much hateful rhetoric is triggering crazy people to do horrible things. We need to figure out how to stop it.”

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