Kamala Harris Struggles To Answer Question About Her Favorite Music

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Phillip Stucky Contributor
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Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris struggled to answer a question about her favorite music during a Thursday morning episode of “New Day” on CNN.

“Oh, I mean …. um … um — hip hop and reggae and jazz, um … those are — those are some of my favorites,” Harris responded when CNN Host Alisyn Camerota asked the presidential hopeful what her favorite genre of music was.

Appearing to recover, she had an answer available when asked about her favorite musician. “I’d say one of my favorites is Bob Marley,” she answered.

Then, Camerota asked Harris for her favorite three songs, something that was truly a stumper of a question. “Oh, okay. Let’s see, Aretha Franklin … um — anything Aretha Franklin — um … I would say Bob Marley and then, um … I don’t know, I love Cardi B.”(RELATED: Kamala Harris Says She Owns A Gun-Meanwhile She Wants To Ban Them)

Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway was quick to spot the awkward exchange on Twitter, “watch @SenKamalaHarris struggle and um her way through those super-touch-to-answer softball questions about … her favorite music.”

Harris formally announced she would be running for president in January and has faced a number of controversies since. She was recently confronted by a conservative Hispanic activist about her positions on immigration but refused to answer questions, instead opting to take a selfie with a supporter.

She was also criticized for appearing to dodge policy questions during a CNN town hall in April. She had a single response to four questions about key policy decisions, to which she simply replied, “We should have that conversation.”

CNN contributor Maeve Reston responded:

I did write about that last night because that is what I call her “graceful dodge.” She does this all of the time on the campaign trail when voters asked her questions where she’s not quite sure what position she will stake out yet but she wants to kind of convey the idea that she might be on your side. So you hear that phrase over and over again with her. And it’s part of her trademark caution that we’ve seen throughout her career and what, I think, could actually be a big problem for her going down the line.

Despite those missteps, her poll numbers appear to be trending upward. She is polling at 8% in the Real Clear average, enough to put her in the top five of 20 Democrats vying for the nation’s top office.