SE Cupp Admits That For Dems To Win, They Must Take Focus Off Booming Economy

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN commentator S.E. Cupp admitted Sunday that for Democrats to win in 2020, they have to shift the focus off the booming economy.


“State of the Union” host Jake Tapper began the panel discussion by noting the current strength of the American economy and asking how Democrats present a reasonable counter-argument to that.

“How do Democrats push back against the president given the fact that the economy is thriving? I get it’s not working for everyone,” Tapper noted. “But on the numbers, lowest unemployment since I was nine months old. I’m 50. Wages are rising, maybe not high enough. They are rising. Also for people at the lowest of the income ladder. What’s the argument against it?”

Abdul El-Sayed, former Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate, argued that there was no indication the economic boom was permanent and suggested that unemployment numbers, though staggering, may not be telling the whole story.

S.E. Cupp jumped in then, saying that the argument, however true, would not convince people who felt the economy was doing well. “This is not a winning argument for Democrats because the fact is more people are feeling good economically than have in past administrations,” she explained.

“When I talk to Democrats, I tell them health care and immigration,” she continued. “Stick with those two issues. They are issues Trump loses on, issues that Americans care about, they’re issues right in the wheelhouse and they’re issues they won on in the last election. Don’t deal with the economy and try to convince people they’re not doing well.”

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